Sunday, June 15, 2008

Notes on last weekend's blog survey

1. Thanks to those (45 of them) who took the survey even though I was a bit disappointed that the response rate is less than 25% of the readership.

2. I am encouraged that over 95% of the participants have a very favorable view of this blog, and I am especially pleased that over 25% of the participants have financially benefited from this blog. Several folks left very kind and generous words, for which I am grateful.

3. Just over 50% of participants like the idea of turning this blog from a "monologue" to a forum where folks like Razor and PCAGUY can regularly post their comments/trading calls, vs. about 13% opposing and 35% unsure.

4. Nearly 80% of the participants expressed their willingness to do their part to increase the readership of this blog. While I very much appreciate that, I am unsure about the outcome from such intention.

In addition, both Razor and PCAGUY favor the idea of a forum where a small group of traders exchange their market insights and trading ideas aimed at improving each others trading, and I am all for it. On that regard, I would like to ask anyone who is interested in that to shoot me an email at, and I will figure out the best way to do that while still keep this blog as a valuable resource to the rest.

For reasons I stated last weekend, while I will try to do my best, I might have to cut back the posting a little bit, especially for next couple of months.

I will post a brief version of weekend note/trading calls later today.

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