Monday, June 02, 2008

Almost back now...

On the trip
Had a very nice trip and really enjoyed the California coast line from SF to Santa Barbara, lots of incredible scenic views. Too bad that I did not have much time, otherwise would definitely do some hiking as there are many great trails, especially in/around the Big Sur.

On trading
Did not get chance to trade much, except got lucky last Friday when my FSLR JUNE 260 put order ($8.1) got hit when it spiked towards 275, and even luckies when it gapped down this morning. Again, I got out too early (at $14.4), but it was a nice gain, which finally pushed my option trading account over the doubling mark, six weeks after I started playing options on a regular basis.

On the market
Looks like the battle is really heating up between the bulls and bears. So far the market is in a well-define trading range, but the momentum is clearly shifting to the bearish side.

Stalking list

AAPL: L2, ez=180-185, stop just below 180, IT=190. I have been very patient so far today.
FLSR: speculative L3, ez=220-242, stop just below 220, IT=260.
CME: L3, ez=380-401, stop just below 380, IT=440.
BIDU: L3 if it spikes towards 320, stop just below 310, IT=350.

Patience is needed for any long side entry.

I am going to be pretty busy with my work for the rest of the week, will try my best to write something here.


Yuriy said...

Welcome back. I've been in SF couple of weeks ago too. Loved the drive along the coastal route 1.

Please find some time to post as your write up's are greatly appreciated

flyingwabbit said...

thanks for the kind words, will do the best...