Friday, January 25, 2008

Note on this week's trading

I made a few trades this week:

1. Tuesday, AAPL: 1/3 long position from last Friday's AH at 161.11, out at 157.88 for a loss of just over 3 points. Took a chance for a pre-ER running, but that French trader ruined it!

2. Tuesday, CTRP, DT long at 40.12 and out at 44.38 for a gain of just over 4 points. As usually, a great setup and entry, but another quickie for me, think I will ever learn?

3. Tuesday, SOLF, DT long at 15.11 (the low of the day) but out at 15.88 when the Fed rate news hit the wire. Again, a very good setup ended poorly, I mean, I almost felt like a petty thief, what's the matter with me?

4. Weds to Friday: Did a few DT on AAPL from the short side, scalping from 0.2 to 1.5 points (2 stopped out and 5 winning), earned some money for weekend funs, but could not hold on to the winners for some annual vacation funds.

The above tells you a lot about the fact that why I have a full-time regular job instead of being a good trader who can make a living out of this.

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