Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Real -Time Actions

I saw Razor and qiqiapr have been active on POT today and I figure I should have a daily post here just for any folks who might be interested in posting real time trades. I myself will be very busy with my day job for the foreseeable future, but will try to do as much as I can. So far I did a couple of quick AAPL scalping from the short side for some beer/Scotch money, just hopeless.


qiqiapr said...

thank you Wabbit. I didn't thought POT was so strong. So I got stopped out. But it may saw resistance here, right?

qiqiapr said...

or, that island reversal became valid?

qiqiapr said...

and I shorted MA here, down channel formed last week, up too sharp, now below 50ema. Target maybe 170 and 145. Also jaso, CMG from yesterday. They have similar setup.

I am very good. I hope you can give me comments.

qiqiapr said...

I mean "I am NOT very good. I hope you can give me comments."

flyingwabbit said...


Regarding POT, I thought you took a measured move and showed discipline with the stop-out, was good! I myself will not short it, unless it pops near 150 (speculative SW-S3, stop just above the high).

MA: technically it is quite strong, even though it is below MA50, it is above MA10 with momentum poised to turn positive on the daily chart; candle formation (the length of bullish candles) is also bullish. My IT (before FOMC decision) is 180. Before careful its ER on Jan. 31 BMO.

CMG: very good entry point! it could be a big winner, but you might be a bit early, good thing is stop is close and very defined. I have been watching it for a while now, but yet to act on it.

JASO: very good entry point, again could be a big one!

don't take my quick 2cents too seriously, ok?

razor said...

Well the market went up on financials and vapours today, many noticable non particpants. It was a really feeble and boring attempt at a selloff, the longs didn't give in. Still have intc and etfc longs, basically out of the market, my strategy is to not be diversified!
qiqiapr, I may be wrong but ma just filled a huge gap and is in an uptrend, jaso just triple bottomed at 48 so I hope your shorts don't blow up. I figure the market has to go up approaching the upper channel before it goes down again if that was not the bottom, just my take.