Friday, January 18, 2008

Note on this week's trading

I made 5 trades this week:

1. Tuesday, AAPL: DT, shorted at 174.4 and 171.48,covered at 169.52 for an gain of 3.5 points.
2. Tuesday: AAPL: DT, half position, shorted at 172.48, covered at 167.12 for a gain of 5.3 points.
3. Wednesday: AAPL, DT, shorted at 168.88, covered at 163.11 for a gain of 5.7 points (not posted in real time)
4. Thursday: AAPL, DT, shorted at 163.28, covered at 162.61 for a gain of over 0.6 point (not posted in real time).
5. Thursday: POT, DT, long at 115.11, out at 119.11 for a gain of 4 points.

Each one looked not too bad on the day, but most of them look stupid by the end of Friday, why? Because I don't have the guts to stick to my swing calls in the face of huge volatility, I chickened out for some quick and cheap thrills, in other words, I sucked.

Since this is a long weekend, I probably will not post my "weekend notes on the market" until Sunday and "weekly trading calls" until Monday.

Bears, uh, I mean beers for a good weekend everyone!


Yuriy said...

Why not long over the weekend for AAPL?

flyingwabbit said...

Actually, I bought 1/3 position in AAPL at 161.11 in Friday AH. Next week will be huge for AAPL, analysis to be posted later.

Yuriy said...

Right on. Looking forward to see the analysis. Your blog is an interesting read