Friday, May 02, 2008

Update on position and stupidity

I am really pissed off, and here are what I have done so far today:

1. BOOM ER Straddle Play:
Closed before leaving for work for a profit just over $1150 (about 41% gain), could've been more patient as the puts went up over another buck..

2. WLT ER straddle play:
Closed in the opening with a loss of just over $200 (about 15% loss). I should've waited a bit more as WLT rose steadily after I exited, and it would've been a winner of a few hundreds.

3. FSLR short position:

stopped out near even, was I wise not to take profit yesterday when I was over 11 points in the green?? Was I wise not to stick to my original stop (just above 285)? Why I am half-assed on both accounts?!

Here is what really infuriated me:

4. V -- Short the top play:

Bought June 90 puts when it broke 86 in the early going, took half profit when it was near 83, AND for some reasons, placed a sell order for the remaining half, which was hit while I was on my way to work. So I ended up falling from the wagon with barely 25% gain, what *(&#R%# is wrong with me, I mean, now I start to DT options??

I might just buy Razor a few drinks and ask him afterwards to stab my dumb ass with his razor sharp knife...

Why I am always fearful when I really should feel hopeful? Why I am always hopeful when I really should feel fearful?

Just hopelessly stupid!


RazoR said...

Thats amazing, If I wasn't pissed enough about chk, I got blown of V and sold my other half for 13 pts.
Dumped my chk puts at the open, gave up on the calls, so lost $250.
Made 4 pts on drys at the open.
And what really infuriated me was that I didn't think of straddling boom, I knew chk doesn't swing wildly so i must punish myself greatly tonight...but i must congratulate you on the boom call, you just nailed it!!!

flyingwabbit said...

nice trades on V and drys, especially on drys, man, I cannot remember how much you have made of it in the last few months!
I played CHK a couple times during ER before, it did not move a lot for sure. As for BOOM, boy, I thought you played it like a fiddle during last ER, somehow you forgot about that, oh, well, we will get to it next Q.
Say, how r u going to punish yourself? with beers or babes? :)