Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Position update

Just bought AAPL June 185 calls when it spiked down near 178, hopefully it will close above 180 today, a bit risky right now, but risk is well defined here.
I am also eying on DRYS, may consider calls if it could spike towards 98 today.

Market is dropping like rock, but bulls still got some lives left at this stage.

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pcaguy said...

Now I feel better because I have company. . I bought 20 AAPL June 180 calls at today's close , too when AAPL was $178.19 or so.
I wondered if you would hold out for $172 but I went in anyhow.
Bot 10 June $130 calls when RIMM was 133.2
Bot 5 June $190 calls when POT was $194.90
Bot 5 June $130 calls when MOS was $120.65
Added 5 more Sep $70 calls when DE was $81.70. Now holding 30 at this cost price.

I tried to get more POT and MOS but they rebounded too quickly while AAPL and RIMM hit my purchase stops to buy me more shares.
If AAPL and RIMM go down more would anybody add to these RIMM and AAPL positions ?