Friday, May 02, 2008

MicroHoo or YaSoft?

Thinking about doing a straddle on YHOO as a buy-out play, but could not pull the trigger because I am uncertain about the potential room for any downside move.

Thought about getting back into V put position, but the early stupidity really messed up my psyche today.

In other words, I need do some serious beer-boarding on myself tonight!


RazoR said...

I will be punishing myself with beers, bro's and one babe in particular who will calm my psych after this week...Bought back in to drys at 77 on a technical breakout...I sat here the last ten minutes weighing if I should pull the yhoo trade and for some reason couldn't pull the trigger, it might pop, then again the writers have made a fortune off this scenario and I'm not in the habit of giving those creeps my money...great week for you wabbit, very aggro!....braaap

rAZOr said...

correction, bought drys at 87 (91 ah!) about nile on tue, straddle pop anyone?

flyingwabbit said...

have a great time with the 3 Bs! I always have a blast when 3 Bs align up like that, making you feel like that this is what a life is all about!
On the second thought, maybe I should've taken a small straddle on MicroHoo, now I felt a bit YaSoft!

pcaguy said...

I studied the E.R. list for Mon & Tues and looked at NILE. Very little price movement on ER May 10 07 or Nov 8 07. Big downside Aug 9 and Dec 30 but you must remember that both of those ER's coincided with dramatic S&P down moves , too.
EL before the bell Tuesday and TS after the close Tuesday looked best to me. Anybody have experience with those two ?