Monday, April 28, 2008

Waiting for Godot?

Well, I am waiting for my PRICELESS moment tomorrow, better not turn out to be a crappy one that ruins my cup-of-joe time! Some nightly thoughts here:

** AKS:
not sure if anyone acted on my weekly call, if you did, you are 5-6 points in green. I missed it in my hectic Monday morning ritual, but if it rebounds again tomorrow on X's ER, might take a shot at it.

** AUG, MOS, POT: they are now formally on my topping-watch list now.

** DVN, APA: on my tradable-top list now.

** ANF: probably worth a take a shot on the short side if it spikes towards 80 before close (ER in AH).


Yuriy said...

oh boy ...

RazoR said...

bought v 75c at close yesterday got wacked but regained 1pt on the call and 6pts on the common yeehaw!

pcaguy said...

How about an ANF straddle ?
Current ask is $3.1 for $75 May Call and $2.30 for May 75 Put.

BWLD trade worked good for you. How do you fish for these straddles.

Been reading your blog for a while. It looks like you've got good ideas.

I'm buying OIH calls today especially if OIH sells off big after 2:15 fed announcement


flyingwabbit said...

thanks for reading my blog!
About ANF, my fault that the ER is actually on May 16, I think, so I will postpone that play.
I have only very recently become very interested in option play, especially the strategies that allow me to catch big movement or top/bottom. I am yet to find a way to effectively screen out good candidates, so far, I just monitor the stocks on my list to find the potential plays. As for BWLD, it always move big after ER, and I figure it worth a shot, and since it was meant for a 1-day play, I did not worry too much about IV...