Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Conviction needed!

Bulls have been hanging tough just under the key resistance zone, they are looking for new catalysts or fuel to break through because they don't really have the conviction here. Ditto for the bears! Some random thoughts:

** AAPL: huge amount of calls bought today before ER, if it is indeed that big boys wrote most of the calls, AAPL will have a tough time to stay at the current level, let alone go up. I am looking at CTT between 145/152 and 175/180, no mid-range play here.

** Many hot commodity names, such ACI, POT, AGU, FCX, are flashing topping signs. Many have had ominous bearish engulfing candle on pretty strong volumes either today or yesterday. I look for an initial pullback to at least their MA10s. Obviously too early to call any real inter-mediate term tops here, but if the pullback volumes really spike, bears will feel more comfortable when they rebound.

** AKS: SW-S2, ez=66.7-69.5, stop just above 70, IT=MA50

** AMZN: DT-L2, ez=70-72.2, stop just below 70, IT=76

** BX: SW-L2, ez=17.5-18.05, IDS just below 17, CS just below 17.5 with a bearish candle, IT=20.

** DRYS: will keep an eye on 88.5 level, maybe it will pullback here to even form a cup-n-handle formation before eventually break out?

** FSLR: bulls are tired but bears may be too scared, watch for a bearish close below MA10 on good volume.

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