Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The calm before the storm?

Please take your position, bears and bulls, for the crucial battle coming this Friday, and no, it is not too late to switch sides, change hearts, or just hide out.

Solars are on fire for sure, and my short wabbit tail got burned a bit today, but no probomo, I will once again aim on FSLR, STP, SPWR tomorrow. Others on the short list are CME, BIDU, and WLT as a speculative play. Obviously all the setups require a key R as the stop/entry references, and the ideal trigger is a big gap-up or early spiking up in the morning. AAPL is a CTT play between 145 and 154.

Good luck all!


flyingwabbit said...

the second half of FSLR got stopped out just above 253, and re-shorted half position at 249.8. also shorted SPWR at 83.8, stop just above MA200. not sure why WLT is on fire again, but might take a speculative SW-S position between 70-80 today or tomorrow, it is entering a parabolic movement.

Yuriy said...

Welcome back. Glad u feeling better!

Anonymous said...

All the coal stocks are turning up. Look at KOL. JRCC is also performing well. FDG too. ACI is set to turn up, etc etc.

flyingwabbit said...

you are definitely right that all coal stocks are on fire, and trying to pick the top here is a very dangerous game for sure. with that said, the market has been rotating sectors all these times, and when a sector gets really hot (just look at the parabolic move of WLT on the weekly chart), it might be topped out in a jiffy and followed by an equally parabolic pullback (just look at the shipping and solar sectors last year). No doubt it is a very risky undertake, but I have not ruled out that it could not be done with proper management of size and patience.