Friday, March 07, 2008

No fear, no bottom?

Bears may be in control, but bulls got no fear! Volumes were just not there, and for Pete's sake, there were not even any significant number of stop orders trigged when QQQQ breached its Jan intra-day low. Looks like it is going to be a long and painful process for both bulls and bears.

Did a couple of DT shorting MON this week, but once again proved razor's point that SW is better than DT (last one got in MON at 115.88 only to cover for a pathetic 1+ point yesterday before the drop).

Evaluation of my last weekend's weekly trading calls:
I made a total of 41 trading calls on 27 stocks; out of those, 14 winning calls (34%), 10 losing calls (24%), and 12 non-hitters (29%), and 5 near-miss (12%). Time to trim down the number of calls???


RazoR said...

is st holding at least a day? lol, x sure was cooperative this week, was really hoping a selldown into the close, but like you said the final act left no impression for either side....I bought some boom just for the hell of it...really want to get my hands on drys at 60 next week...

flyingwabbit said...

drys is a good buy at this level but might not be at 60 :) enjoy your weekend!