Friday, March 21, 2008

Bears lost for the week, but can bulls keep winning?

The fear, stirred up by Bear Stearn's demise, finally reached the extreme level and bears got backfired. On the other side, the torrence of the liquidity from Fed lifted all leaking ships, and bulls now hope for some smoother sailing ahead.

Had a busy week with work and only DT AAPL a couple of times for some booze money.

On Last Week's Trading Calls:
I made a total of 20 calls on 15 stocks, out of which, there are 5 winning calls (25%), 6 losing calls (30%), 7 non-hitters (35%) and 2 near-misses. The notable winners are AMZN, GS, MON, and FXI. The notable loser is CME.

Enjoy the weekend!


RazoR said...

market never filled 12k so if we go down thats my key for buying/covering....made 6pts on drys and 8 and counting on v...happy egg day...

Yuriy said...

Hey flyingwabbit,
just want to say thanks for your trading calls posts. This week was my best trading week so far, and your posts definitely helped me to achieve that. Give me your address, I'll send you some beers! ;)

Keep it coming

flyingwabbit said...

what can I say, you da man! V moved on its first day exactly as I predicted, and I have a bearish bias on it. So many expect it to rise just like MA, but I thought its IPO day action could foretell much bumpy ride in the future.

flyingwabbit said...

the pleasures are all mine! you bet that more good calls will be coming, just make sure you pick the right battles to fight. Keep the tally on the beers that you owe me for the time being, we will see if in the end I have to send a truck over or something :)