Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday notes

Bulls started with so much enthusiasm and aspiration this week, but things got sour as the week went on.

Has been busy with job and no trading this week. Also, I somehow feel really bored about the market, maybe it is because of all the low volume days, maybe it is because of all of the back-and-forth, trend-less and conviction-less movement. Or maybe I am just confused.

On last week's trading calls: out of a total of 24 calls on 17 stocks, 5 winning, 5 losing, 12 non-hitter, 2 near-miss. If you ask me, that is some boring stats.

I sure hope y'all had a more exciting week!
Have a good weekend, folks!


Anonymous said...


Any thoughts on Delta/Northwest merger and stock price of both of late?

flyingwabbit said...

Both stocks are in confirmed downtrend, and it is very hard to predict the impact of the possible verge. On the other hand, both are very oversold and stretched to the downside that if you can get in near the bottom, the potential r/r might be worth a shot.