Friday, February 22, 2008

Saved by the bell?

Bears had bulls right where they wanted, and the Friday was slowly and surely turning into a doomsday for the bulls, and then all the sudden, bailout rumors started to fly, and next thing you know, bulls were running everywhere while stunned bears were scrambling for covers. What a wild week we have had, but if you had sat tight all week, nothing seemed really changed by the end.

For the week, all my positions got stopped out: POT, MON and DVN were stopped out on the Tuesday with very small losses; AAPL was stopped out late Friday afternoon at 118.11 for a gain of nearly 11.5 points (shorted at 129.48). Which left me a bit ambivalent about the SW instead of DT: had I been just DT, I would have had profits in POT/MON/DVN, on the other hand, I would not have had a very sizable winner in AAPL. Somehow, I feel that 1 big winner+3 small losers are not as triumphant as 4 small winners, but then again, maybe that is exactly the mentality I should change.

For last week's trading calls: there are a total of 25 calls on 16 stocks, out of which, 4 winning calls (16%, with nice ones on RIMM, BSC, and FSLR), 4 losing calls (16%), 3 near-misses (12%), and 14 non-hitters (56%). With the market being crazy like this, I guess I should not feel too bad about the so-so stats.


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