Sunday, February 17, 2008

Notes on this week's trading and trading calls

While the wabbit traps have been woefully empty, I did manage a few winning trades from the short side though all with token position size:
GS -- shorted at 184.88, covered at 175.11
AAPL -- shorted at 129.48, holding for 122
POT -- shorted at 151.8 (1st short at 152.8 was stopped out at 154.11), still holding
MON -- shorted at 115.8, still holding
DVN -- shorted at 93.88, still holding.

Evaluation of my last weekend's weekly trading calls:

I made a total of 29 trading calls on 18 stocks; out of those, 11 winning calls (38%), 2 losing calls (7%), and 16 non-hitters (55%). Most of the winning calls produced sizable profits. If such pattern continues for a few more months, I might just implement a "robotic" execution protocol in my account so I can do my day job AND make lots of coins as Razor put it. Dream on!


razor said...

You're holding positions for more than an hour/day? Good man! A swing trader is born, And boy it sounds like you are big in the money.
Friday I snapped up some nvda and this week hope to make a big bet on etfc going from 5 to 6...have no idea what the market will do this week...

flyingwabbit said...

yeah, I am really trying to change the mentality here, let's see how long I can resist the DT's instant gratification. As for ETTC, I have to wonder if lots of short stop-cover order just above 5.5 and 6, and it breaks 6, the gap to 8 might get filled soon...