Sunday, October 26, 2008

Biding my time......

This whole thing is getting scarier by the day, and with all the uncertainties, it is the bulls who are hibernating. However, nature (or should I say the human nature) rules ultimately, by saying that I mean the bears will go hibernating, maybe sooner than you thought.

I flipped 1/3 of my retirement account (moved to money market since Oct. 2007) a couple of times between money market and Spartan 500 index in the last several days, netting just over 10% and moved back in last Thursday. May flip that out again mid this week. Will consider moving all in if the market could get a quick 10-20% down from here for a multi-week, possibly a year-end rally, we shall see.

After sitting tight for 4 days, I shorted OTM puts for X, WLT and MON last Friday, all with 1/3 position size, and may consider close out the positions in X and WLT tomorrow ahead of their ER. I probably won't aggressively short the OTM puts until we are through the election, which for some reasons, is making me really nervous.

Be careful out of there!

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