Thursday, October 09, 2008

Is it time to not believe everything you know about human nature?

The insane market, whose decline was underestimated by about 10% on my side, and the **&#$&^ GoldmanSucks, who promptly downgraded FSLR, AKS and X this week, are leaving your wabbit in some hot water (not simmering yet). Had chance in each of past 3 days to get out with a couple grand of profits, but no thanks :P In the hindsight, I should've chosen shorting calls instead, but then again, not one foresaw a drop of this magnitude (and I know quite a few top traders).

More and more people are throwing in towels everyday, but my belief in human nature (driven by extreme emotions) is still in tact, though a bit shaken. I will get my IRA accounts ready shortly and there better be a real crash, soon!

Good luck all!

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