Monday, September 01, 2008

Weekend notes

The actions of the low-volume days last week did not change my overall views of the market as stated in last weekend’s note, in fact, the near-term outlook becomes even cloudier as the weekly and daily technical indicators flashing conflicting signals. However, unlike last week, in the face of several key economic reports, I expect the back-from-vacation big boys will start to make up their mind in the coming days, and all we should do, is trying our best to read whatever hands they show, and then play along.

My gut feeling is that, as US $ strengthens further and global economic outlook turns bleaker, oil will lead the energy/commodity related sectors to the second leg down, which will likely drive the rest of the market up to extend the now 8 weeks-old counter trend rally. Historically, September is the cruelest month for the bulls, and I am not sure if the election will affect that.

Really not many setups for the short week:

1. CF: S2, ez1=153-158, stop just above 160, ez2=165-172, stop just above 173, IT=128.
2. CME: L2, ez=310-322, stop just below 310 (may re-enter around 280 or 300 with stops just below), IT=370.
3. CRM: S1, ez=59.8-64, CS just above 62 with bullish candle, IDS just above 65, IT=54
4. GOOG: S2, ez=480-500, stop just above 500, IT=420
5. ILMN: S2, ez=88-91, CS just above 90 with bullish candle, IT=78.
6. WLT: S1, ez=95-100, stop just above 100, IT=84.
7. GS: CTT between 158 and 178, quick on profit taking.
8. POT: S1, ez=177-185, IT=160.

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