Monday, September 29, 2008

Short these!

Yes, I am serious. As the market goes insane and the IV totally exploded, it is time to play safe. With the account going up for another 1k today (flipped CLF calls and still have winning SQNM NOV30 calls), it is time to relax a bit. Will consider shorting the following puts for the remaining of the week.

1. AAPL: Oct. 95 puts $6.5 or better
2. BIDU: Oct. 200 puts $8 or better
3. CLF: Oct40 puts, 4 or better
4. FCX: OCT50 puts 5 or better
5. MA: OCT140 puts 6 or better
6. POT: OCT120 puts 8.5 or better
7. SPWR: OCT55 puts, 3 or better
8. SQNM: OCT 22.5 puts 1.25 or better
9. UYG: OCT 15 puts 1.5 or better
10. WLT: OCT35 puts 2.5 or better
11. X: OCT 65PUTS 5.5 or better
12. CF: OCT75puts, 5.5 or better.
12. DVN: OCT80 puts, 3.5 or better
13. GOOG: OCT350puts, 12 or better
14. FSLR: OCT165puts, 11.5 or better
15. MON: OCT90puts, 5 or better
16. CME: OCT290puts, 8 or better.

And yes, I am fully prepared to end up with those shares that much cheaper than the current levels.


Kris said...

How many positions you have at one time? I agree with is the time of the greatest opportunity.

flyingwabbit said...

Did not get any as the market rallied hard yesterday,
May consider shorting MON OCT80, MOS OCT35/40, and POT95/100 tomorrow.