Sunday, September 21, 2008

Now what?

The market may have reached momentum bottom last week, but a retest of the bottom and consolidation are likely for the next week or two before another counter trend rally can materialize with force.

Key Indices Assessment

Monthly – bearish (straight down MA10, closed below MA50), not quite oversold yet; but may bottom-fish because of uprising MA50

Weekly – the bottom might be in, but more volatile side-way chopping expected.
** MA—all closed below MA10, but they are flattening or turning up; MA50 all solidly trending down
** MACD/histogram: neutral, either way
** Candle formation: indecisive with huge up/down shadows with slightly bullish white bodies

Daily – rally facing formidable resistance
** MA—short-term MA in bearish order; all closed above flattening/curing up MA10s; all failed MA50
** Candle formations—clearly bearish despite of Friday’s historic volumes.
** Stochastic/RSI all favor more near-term upside; MACD Hist still negative;
** Lots of overhead resistance, the gap will be filled soon.
** QQQQ is the weakest of all, facing formidable resistance zone from 44-46, with MA50 around 45.2.

US$– more downside to MA50 around 76 likely before resuming uptrend?
Weekly— key resistance around 80 in play; MA10=76 and MACD/histogram bullish; stochastic points to overbought pullback in early stage
Daily-- recently reversed long term trend still intact; MA10=79, increasing MACD histogram, stochastic all suggestion more downside; but RSI2 in oversold; a test near the previous consolidate zone and MA50 (76-77) inevitable.

VIX—consolidation going forward
Weekly—more upside likely as every indicator except RSI2 are bullish.
Daily—parabolic ascending in correction, some pullback/sideway movement likely in near future.

Weekly Swing Trading Calls

Tech sector (bearish bias, Q3 ER outlook gloom?)

1. AAPL: Q-S2, 146-152, IT=135; S1, 158-162, IT=146
2. AMZN: Q-S2, 84-92, IT=72
3. GOOG: CTT, 410/430—480/510
4. RIMM: CTT, 90/92—112/116; bearish bias
5. SOHU: Q-S2, 68-72, IT=60

Coal, energy, solar sectors (watch US$ and oil movement for necessary adjustment)

6. ACI: Q-S2, 45-50, IT=38; S1, 54-57, IT=42
7. CLF: L1, 64-71, IT=84
8. CLR: L1, 33-37, IT=50
9. CNX: S2, 68-72, IT=58
10. ENER: S2, 73-83, IT=60
11. JRCC: S2, 36-45, IT=28
12. MEE: S1, 49-56, IT=40
13. OIH: L2, 158-161, IT=175
14. RIG: L1, 112-121, IT=130/132
15. USO: CTT, 78/81—89/93
16. WLT: CTT, 55/62—78/85

Metals and other commodity sectors (watch US$ movement for necessary adjustment)

17. ABX: S2, 40-45, IT=32
18. AEM: S2, 64-72, IT=55
19. GG: S2, 36-42, IT=32
20. CF: L2, 105-111, IT=130
21. FCX: CTT, 62/67-85/95
22. PCU: CTT, 20/23—30/33
23. MON: L2, 102-112, IT=122/130
24. POT: L1, 158-168, IT=185
25. X: L1, 81-92, IT=118

Financial and related sectors

26. BAC: S2, 42-45, IT=36
27. CME: L1, 345-375, IT=450
28. COF: S2, 62-70, IT=50
29. GS: S1, 144-162, IT=110
30. MA: S2, 239-260, IT=210
31. SKF: L1, 71-81, IT=115
32. WFC: L1, 32-36, IT=45; S3, 45-50, IT=38.
33. XLF: L1, 18-21, IT=25,
34. RKH: CTT, 110/113—132/138