Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Daily Calls, Weds, Oct. 11, 2006

Bulls won another round as bears show little strength. Tomorrow will be the first earning report test for the bulls as the DOW component AA missed the estimates and down over 5% in AH.

ADI: S1 on top, entry zone around MA50=30.3, IT=29

CHAP: watch for key resistance zone 39.2-39.59.

DVN: watch for key resistance zone between 65-67.5. S3 on top.

OS: consider speculative S2 on top as it approaches key resistance near 52, stop just above 54, IT=45

SNDK: CTT-ready, S1 on top, entry zone 58.2-59, stop just above 59.2, IT=55

SONS: L2 on bottom, entry zone MA200=4.7 to MA50=4.9, stop just below 4.7.

VRTX: considering S3 on top, entry zone around 37, stop just above 38, IT=34.

WFMI: watch for key resistance around 65.5, consider S3 on top.

X: S3 on top when it approaches 65, CS=65.2, IDS=67,

PMTC: consider CTT when it approaches today’s range: 19.33-20.27.

DNA: reported Q3 in AH, beat estimates, traded between 82.8 and 87.3, but mostly between 84.8 and 85.8. Key levels: 80, 81.3 (MA50), 81.5 (MA200), 85, 86.93 (today and recent high), 87.3 (AH high).

AA: reported Q3 in AH, missed rev estimate, traded between 25.5 and 26.9, but mostly between 26.2 and 26.7. Key levels: 25.5 (AH low), 26.2 (AH support), 26.6 (9 month low), 27, 28.28 (today’s close).

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