Monday, October 16, 2006

Daily calls Oct. 17, Tues, 2006

Another day during which bulls just kept marching on and bears probably got a bit closer to the point to breaking down. Looks like the market overall has confidence in the upcoming flood of quarterly earning report, and the actions will come tomorrow.

The calls on the following stocks are the same in the weekly calls:


1. AKS: Speculative S3 on top, entry zone 15.5-16, stop just above 16, IT=13.

2. MOT: will report Q3 in AH, is today's very bearish candle indicative of a bad Q3 report?

3. NCTY: S2 on rebound, entry zone 23.8-24.5, stop just above 25.

4. PEIX: S3 on top if it spikes up towards MA200=18.6 in AM, CS=18.6, ITS=20, IT=14.

5. SNDK: L3 on bottom if it spikes towards 59.5 in AM, stop just below 59,

6. TIE: speculative S3 on top, entry zone 29.9-30.5, stop just above 30.5

7. WFMI: watch if it can move forcefully above 65.5, in which case it may test 67. L3 on pullback towards 63 with a stop just below 63 can also be considered..

8. X: another lift this time from Barron's. Speculative S2 on top, entry zone 68.5-70.5, stop just above 70.70, IT=61.

9. PPDI: reported Q3 in AH, beat rev estimates, upped div, but traded between 36.7 and 34.2. Key levels: 32.69 (recent low), around 33.6, 34.2 (AH low), 34.9 (MA200), 36, 36.3 (MA50), 36.8 (close), 37.35 (day high), around 37.7.

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