Thursday, September 14, 2006

Daily Calls -- Sept. 15, 2006

Bulls should be happy that despite big gains in the past few days, market went down only slightly. Tomorrow could be a violent day as the important CPI number will be released on top of the expiration of quadruple options.

1. ADBE: earning play, reported Q3 in AH, beat the estimates, but Q4 is not as strong. Traded mostly between 35.5 and 36.5, with strong AH support at 35.5 and 36, and resistance at 36.5. Closed around 36.25. Key levels: 34.5 (aug high), 35, 35.5, 36, 36.5, 37.5, around 39.

@@ C

2. AEOS: S1 on top use 43 as stop or when it breaks 42. Top reversal signals clear, IT=38.5.

@@ B

3. AKAM: signs of big-boys selling into the strength today, it is in very overbought conditions, but when the pullback will happen?

@@ C

4. LTON: S1 on top use 5.9 as stop, IT=4.8.

@@ C

5. NTRI: CTT ready, S1 on top use 62.1 as stop. IT=55.

@@ C

6. TIF: CTT-ready, S1 on top use MA200=34.1 as stop reference.

@@ F

7. WFMI: CTT-ready, S1 on top, CS=58, IDS=59.25, IT=55.

@@ B

8. WMT: S2 on top use 48.7 as stop, especially if CPI number is bad.


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