Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes we can!

What an incredible, transforming and historical night it was last night!

Besides listening to the gracious and the uplifting post-election speeches last night, I paid close attentions to the reactions of the ordinary people on the TV, especially their facial expressions. What I saw once again reaffirms my belief that USA is one of the greatest nations on the earth. As for the American people, sure there are scumbags, jerks, idiots, nuts, and fanatics among them, but overall, they are the most admirable folks in this world with their passionate, genuine, and kindhearted spirits. Their unyielding pursuit of dreams, unwavering optimism, and above all, their innocence make them truly the seeds of the promising future of the mankind, and there will be many fruitful seasons to come!

Yes we can!

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, back to aggressively shorting both calls and puts for the NOV OE. I shorted a bunch of FSLR NOV195 calls yesterday, made a bundle despite of exiting too early. I am hoping for some sizable pullbacks for the rest of this week, especially this Friday, before re-positioning my retirement accounts for a multi-week counter trend rally.


Anonymous said...

-Great to be part of this historic event! This is a great country!


Kris said...

Yeah..I felt happy for the American people..dreams do come true..