Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Too many bears AND bulls!

I am going to be brief here:

On trading:
The Monday was fine, and Tuesday was dandy until I put MA and lost control as it shot up violently. Being ball-less, I closed in the end with a nice hole on my pocket and put my ongoing winning streak in serious jeopardy, and promptly got spanked by my girl, which believe it or not was not fun at all! And she made me to swear not DT again, which I did to shorten the spanking binge. So there you go, I am out of DT business now! And I promptly gave up put opportunity in AAPL and X today, well, hope it is all worth it in the end.

On the market:
There are just too many bears and bulls right now! FA favors bears, TA wise it is a toss up but the ball in is bulls court. One thing is pretty sure, the longer the market stays in the current range (about 4 days now), the more violent the next move will be when the range is breaking. Before that occurs, DT is pretty much the only game in the town. Since I cannot DT now, I plan to sit down for the next few evenings to come up with a buy list in case the crash does come in the end.

Let me know if you are eying any stocks for post-crash buying.


razor said...

sold all of my drys68 core for 12 points today plus made 100% on the 80c's, just giddy, not bad for 4 days...looking at the charts the naz and snp have a ways to go before the third rung is complete, this leads me to believe tech stocks are about to see multi-year lows, not that anybody wants to trade that garbage... and no, I'm not into the spanking thing, the market is abusive enough...

Anonymous said...

"Post crash buying": KEY, GD

Anonymous said...

Last post meant to say:Doug said... Don't know how to correct