Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Swing calls -- May 9, 2007

I am settling down here in LA. Have not traded stocks since late March, which is the longest no-trading period since I started trading in 2001, kind of weird :) and the market has been even more weird during this period of time, as I have seen a lot more bearish signs than bullish ones every day in my life here. I admit that I did not expect it rising like this, especially NASDAQ. Bulls are in clear control here, but the party is probably not out of control yet, we shall see how long the good time will last...

Have a little bit of time to kill tonight, so I am going to look some charts, and try to make some swing trade calls (holding period 3 days-3 weeks) primarily based on the weekly charts, let's see how they turn out to be.

1. ADBE: S2, entry 42-43, stop just above 44, target 37-38.8 (EMA200),

2. AFFX: S1, entry zone=26.8-28.8, stop just above 29, target=20.5-23,

3. COH: S1, entry zone=50-52, stop just above 54, target=43.5-46,

4. SHLD: S1, entry zone=180-185, stop just above 190, target=168-171

Damn, how come I don't have any long calls? Will take a another look this weekend if I get time.

Best to all!

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