Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Swing calls -- May 22, 2007

Got some time to kill tonight, so here are some swing trade calls.

On the market: the bulls are just unstoppable, the bears, well, they are trying hard--just saw a link from the Kirk Report that the short interests are continuing to climb, and you have to wonder if these stubborn and early bears will see their grave before seeing the light of their pay day. Shorting is becoming very dangerous, even if you follow the charts of individual stocks, the river keeps rising, and that makes harder to sink any boats. On the other hand, long positions initiated at this stage may not have a decent risk/reward ratio, therefore, pick your own poison, or maybe the best is just sit tight and watch the show :P

1. ADI: S1, entry zone=38-39.5, stop just above 40.2, IT=34.

2. AFFX: S1, entry zone=25.1-26.8, stop just above 27 or EMA50, IT=23

3. ANN, S1, entry zone=37-37.3, stop just above EMA50, IT=35.

5. COH: S2, entry zone=49.5-51, stop just above 51, IT=EMA200 around 44.

6. MEDx: L1, entry zone=15.75-16.1, stop just below 15.7,

7. OCR: S1, entry zone=38.9-41, stop just above EMA200

8. SNDA: L2, entry zone=27.5-29, stop just below 27.

9. VRTX: L1, entry zone=30-31 (EMA50), stop just below 30, IT=36,

10. WFMI: S1, entry zone=41-EMA50, stop just above EMA50 or 44.

11. WSM: S1, entry zone=34.7-35.35, stop just above that, IT=33.

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