Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weekly Trading Calls -- Feb20 -23, 2007

Did not get time to make the detailed analysis of the market and stocks on my list, so here is the quick one:

On major indices: up-trend intact, but RSK/RWD ratios may not be good for new long position here.

1. AAPL: DT-CTT between 83/83.6 and 86.5 use tight stop, if it breaks out this range in heavy volume, trade along the direction of the break out.

2. ADBE: L2 on pullback if it spikes towards MA10=38.9 or MA50=39.2, IT=42.

3. AEOS: S2 on top if it spikes towards 33, stop just above 33.1, MA50=32

4. AMD: SW-L2, entry zone 14.7-15, stop just below 14.45, IT=16

5. BIDU: speculative L3 at bottom if it spikes towards 101, stop just below 100. May consider DT-S2 on top if it spikes towards 111, with stop just above 112.

6. CTRP: CTT between 57 and 64.3, don't trade the mid range, MA50=63.7.

7. DVN: CTT between MA200=65.2 and MA50=68.1 use tight stops.

8. FMCN: speculative S3 on top, entry zone=85-88, stop just above 88.5, IT=76.

more later....

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