Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Daily Calls -- Thur March 1, 2007

As expected, bulls put up a decent fight today and halted the tremendous down momentum. The problem is if how much more fight they can put up while not second-guessing on their belief. I am not quite ready to say that the top is in now, but I have no doubt that the technical damage for further bullish case in the coming month is done. For bears, they need a follow-through in the next few days to firmly establish their reign.

1. AKAM: S1 on top if it spikes towards 52.5/54.3 (EMA50) use a tight stop, IT=50.

2. DVN: DT-CTT between 63.7/65 and 67/67.6 use very tight stops.

3. OCR: DT-CTT between today's low 40.5 and high=43.79 use very tight stops, EMA200=43.5, EMA50=41.2, don't trade the mid-range.

4. SONS: reported Q4 in AH, traded between 7.42 and 7.9 on relatively light volume. it was a blow-out Q, and the vague guidance was good. The problem is if all the good news have already been priced in the current share price, which rose over 50% since mid-Nov. The lukewarm reaction in AH was not bullish, to say the least. Unless it can break 8.05 tomorrow, short might be the profitable way in the short-term, especially if it breaks 7.4. Key support at 7 and then around 6.5. Since the report was pretty good, a lot of bulls may buy on the way down, therefore, unless the volume is heavy, don't expect it nose-diving, especially above the 7.2(EMA50) level, be patient with the short-setup, be decisive when key support is breached, and be nimble when taking profits.

5. NUE: S1 on top if it spikes towards 63, IDS=63.7, CS>63, IT=EMA50=61.1.

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