Monday, December 11, 2006

Daily Calls --Tuesday Dec. 12, 2006

Another up day, but the volume dropped to below average. Will tomorrow PM FOMC decision move the market dramatically one way or the other?

1. AAPL: CTT when it approaches key S/R around 84, 86.3, 87, 89.5, 90, 91. Pay particular attention to 87 and 89.5 as they formed the range for the last 3 days, CTT at these two boundaries might be risky.

2. AKAM: L1 on bottom when it approaches 52 and 52.8 use tight stops, don't chase now.

3. BIDU: CTT between 117 and 125, try not trade the mid-range.

4. CEPH: S1 on top, entry zone 72.3-73, stop just above 73.43. Looks like it is really to nose dive here, but the support zone is very close 69- MA50=71.1,

5. ENER: Speculative S3 on top if it spikes towards 41, stop just above 41.1. I cannot put a finger on this stock, it looked like ready to break down in the past few days, and then, today's big gain on no news....

6. ESRX: L2 on bottom, entry zone 66-67.6, stop just below 65.9.

7. FFIV: L2 on bottom if it spikes towards 72/74 use tight stops.

8. LRCX: CTT between 50.8 (MA50) and 54.1 use tight stops.

9. NTRI: speculative L2 on bottom, entry zone 64-65.5 (MA50), stop just below 64.

10. RACK: consider CTT between 30.8 (MA200) and around 34.25.

11. RBAK: L1 on pullbacks, entry zone 17-17.5, stop just below 16.9.

12. STP: S1 on top, entry zone 31.5-32.4, stop just above 33, IT=29.4 (MA200). check it against what happended on Aug. 17, sure it looks like to repeat the pattern.

13. VRTX: S1 on top, entry zone 41.8-43, stop just above 43, IT=39.

14. X: L1 on pullback if it spikes towards 74/76, use tight stops.

15. DVN: CTT between 69 (MA50) and 74.5 use tight stops, don't trade the mid range.

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shortswings said...

Hi Man,

I was wondering if you got NTRI today. All of a sudden, it went down like an anvalanche. Both TOMO and KONG did broke up as we expected last friday. Unfortunately, I didnt act on them. I might get in on JNPR tomorrow. It looks like ready to move.

Good luck!