Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Daily Calls Thurs Dec. 7, 2006

Bulls had problem to keep the momentum and the market became choppier than ever. I expect it will remain choppy until after the release of Nov. employment report on Friday.

1. AAPL: CTT between 87 and 91.4. Bias on the short side. The heavy distribution continues.

2. ADBE: CTT between 37 and 39.5 use tight stops, bias on the short side, it closed below MA50=38.7 for the first time in 3 months.

3. BIDU: DT-L2 on pullback when it spikes down towards support levels around 119, 120.5, 123, 124.3, 125 use tight stops.

4. BRCM: DT-S2 on top, entry zone 35.9-36.2, stop just above 36.3, IT=31.8.

5. DVN: L1 on pullback, entry zone 71.4-72.3, stop just below 71.4.

6. ERTS: DT-L2 on bottom, entry zone 53-53.5, stop just below MA200=52.8.

7. ESRX: SW-L1 on bottom, entry zone 67.5-69.4, stop just below 67.5.

8. QCOM: DT-S2 on top if it spikes towards MA200=39.8, stop just above 40.

9. RACK: DT-CTT between MA50=32.5 and 36 use tight stops.

10. X: DT-L1 on bottom if it spikes towards 74, stop just below 74.

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